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    Tailor it to your group and search Pinterest for some ideas of what to include. If the ball lands in a cup, a player from the other side has to drink the alcohol in that cup. Healthy Home Purge this Toxic Ingredient from Your Life — Here's Why This month, Minnesota became the first state to ban triclosan, an active ingredient in hand sanitizers and soaps, because of health concerns. Check out these spa party ideas for inspiration! The favorite slumber parties from my youth included late night t. A perfectly curated playlist really sets the mood for the party so create your playlist accordingly!
    adult slumber party theme adult slumber party theme


    Slumber Party Games

    You're never to old to have a sleepover. Sure, you're sort of a part of this real world place now, but you wouldn't turn down a pillow fight. At the end of a long week, sometimes staying in with your girls is all you really want on a Saturday night — and having an adult slumber party seems oh-so-ideal. You'll watch all your favorite movies, maybe do a facial with your friends, and talk for hours about everything you've missed while you've been away at work. As the host, you know you need unreal snacks, but there's a lot of other adult sleepover party ideas that will seriously upgrade snuggling up with your squad. Maybe you've already had a bunch of wine nights with your ladies, so you sort of know the drill. Sure, sleepovers are kind of the same, but don't just settle for slices of cheese and a bottle of something sparkly.
    adult slumber party theme adult slumber party theme

    What to do at the slumber party

    Get the how-to here. Try this fruity gin-based drink , or make any of these other big batch cocktails for maximum booze, minimum effort. Scoop away here. With sprinkle rims because duh. Learn more here.
    adult slumber party theme adult slumber party theme
    As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Other links on this site may lead to other companies that I'm associated with. Some friends have "scrapbooking weekends" where they gather together at a friends house, lake cabin, or hotel. Time to get away from all the distractions and spend time doing something they love. Personally, I've been able to go on girl weekend trips with a group of some of my favorite friends to destinations like Mexico and the Gulf. It is a great time to reconnect with friends when life has gotten in the way of spending time together, but you don't have to go to an exotic destination.
    adult slumber party theme adult slumber party theme

    Sleepover Party Ideas For Adults

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